Cape Malay Community

Cape Town was established by the Dutch East India Trading Company as a resupply depot for their ships en route the Dutch East Indies , today known as Indonesia. The Cape Malay first arrived in South Africa in the 17th century from Indonesia, anyone who was rebellious against Dutch Colonization, was sent to Cape Town as a slave. Later in the 17th and 18th century, slaves arrived from India, East Africa, Brazil and Madagascar and were welcomed in this this small community by the Malay people, who understood their journey. This is how Islam spread in South Africa and the Malay Community we know today came to be.

Bo – Kaap Historical Cape Malay Suburb of Cape Town

The Cape Malay are well known for their culinary contribution to South Africa, delicious spicy recipes such as Bredie, Bobotjie, Frikkadel, Pickled Fish and sweet deserts such as Koeksisters. All recipes that that were on our table growing up.

Famous for their music and singing , the Cape Minstrel Carnival street parade happens once a year in Cape Town and has its roots in the days of slavery. If you are visiting Cape Town, it is worth planning a to do a historical tour of Bo – Kaap area as part of your trip.

Author : Leanne Gammon

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