Pork fillet served with a Creamy Mustard Sauce

It been a crazy busy day and I love this recipe as it is quick easy to make – It works well with with steamed sweet potato , cauliflower and broccoli.

Defrost your pork fillet and slice into small medallions – season with steak and chops spice and white pepper. Brown in a hot pan with coconut or sunflower oil. Sear 1 minute each side.

In a separate pan heat 1 cup of cream add a tablespoon of black mustard seeds and 3 teaspoons of mustard – I like to use Dijon as its not to hot. Heat slowly preferably in a double boiler – it should not boil. Add into the pan with the pork fillet .

Steam your sweet potato ( I like the orange ones for colour both varieties work well with pork)

Steam Brocoli and Cauliflour

Serve up your pork medallions and drizzle the creamy mustard sauce over the fillet and vegetables.

Serves 2

Author Leanne Gammon

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