Egg and Asparagus Salad

Spring has sprung and I am amazed at what you can produce in 3 x 2 m patch, its a space that I love that has flowers , vegetables and herbs. I had a spider move in this week and hoping he is going to catch the little metallic blue beetle that also moved in…….. the bees are busy every day and love the edible flowers. I have planted out the lettuce ,rocket and herbs and harvested the first radish micro greens from the soil this week and will leave the rest to grow to full size.

The beans are now big enough to leave the planter boxes and my mission tomorrow is to plant more lettuce, beetroot , radish and rocket seeds in the planter box to keep the garden going on a 2 week cycle . The cherry tomatoes all have flowers – so hoping by the time Russell is home we can try making sun dried tomatoes, as there will be to many to use in salads and this is a great way to to store your tomato crop and yummy in all sorts of dishes from salads to sauces. From my pickings in the garden today I made a health Egg and Asparagus Salad for lunch today.

I though I would share this easy summer salad that is so simple to make.

2 boiled eggs per person – boil for 10 mins until hard and leave to cool

I used the left over steamed Asparagus from last night and cold out the fridge

I have used various varieties of baby lettuce and rocket leaves – about a handful per person

A sprinkle of chives , parsley and garlic chives and marigold and pansy flowers and red onion chopped

toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds toasted in the pan to bring out the flavor

Serve with your favorite dressing

Green Beans 3 weeks old and ready for the garden …..
3 week old radish micro greens … I just snipped off the roots – peppery and delicious

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